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Japanese Cheesecake

Last week, a new friend brought over a wondrous piece of Japanese cheesecake. If you’re unfamiliar with this sweet, Japanese cheesecake sometimes contains a bit of flour or cornstarch, and milk for a lighter consistency. Usually, the eggs are separated, with the egg whites whipped and folded in, sort of like what you’d do if […]


Lemon Coconut Cake

Tangy lemon filling between layers of tender white cake. Top it all off with a rich coconut-cream cheese frosting. Some people think that this Lemon Coconut Cake is the best cake they’ve ever eaten.


Coconut Macaroons

I make a batch of these every year for Easter dinner, mostly because I know my Mom likes them. They’re very easy to make, too, which doesn’t hurt. Recipe and Photo: Dennis Wilkinson / CC BY-NC-SA


Margarita Meringue Pie

Can’t decide if you want to go out drinking, or have pie? Then why not just do BOTH! Add a little salt to the crust, and you got everything that makes a margarita great…in a pie. Recipe and Photo: Dennis Wilkinson / CC BY-NC-SA