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Ultimate Chocolate No Bake Cookies

I’ve been experimenting with several versions of this recipe and I think I’ve found the best variation. The others I’ve tried are either too juicy and you have to keep them cool to keep their shape, or they’re just too crumbly and don’t stay together well. This combination has (in MY opinion) the best consistency. […]


Itailan Knot Cookies

There is nothing like genuine homemade Itailan Knot Cookies. They are like a little taste of love all wrapped in one small bite. These are a soft, moist and crumbly cookie with a citrus flavor that gives them a delicate fresh balance. Photo: Roxanna Salceda / CC BY-SA


Coconut Macaroons

I make a batch of these every year for Easter dinner, mostly because I know my Mom likes them. They’re very easy to make, too, which doesn’t hurt. Recipe and Photo: Dennis Wilkinson / CC BY-NC-SA