The 7 Workout That Burns 7 Pounds Of Belly Pooch In 7 Days

The 7 Workout That Burns 7 Pounds Of Belly Pooch In 7 Days

A flabby belly pooch is a problem that is difficult to eliminate only through a rigorous diet. Even though after dieting you end up losing a few pounds, a toned belly can’t be achieved only through diet. Exercise is mandatory.

This “7 Workout”, followed along with a strict diet will help you lose belly pooch starting from the first week of the program.

Do this full body workout daily, and in just 7 days your belly will start to tighten and drop up to 7 pounds. Take a look over this routine you can simply perform in your own home!

The 7 Workout To Lose Belly Pooch

As you already noticed, the key number here is 7:

  • There are 7 exercises that mainly target your abs (but other body parts too).
  • Each exercise must be performed for 45 seconds followed by a 15-second break. This is 7 minutes for a set.
  • You can perform as many sets as you want/can, but try to aim at least 4 each day. (You can do 2 sets in the morning and 2 in the evening. Any combination should work.)
  • Follow the program for at least 7 days (we strongly recommend a 21-day program) if you want to really notice how your belly pooch fades away.

Easy, right!?

Here are the exercises you need to perform to successfully lose up to 7 pounds of belly pooch in a single week:

1. Russian Twists

2. Windshield Wipers Exercise

3. Reverse Plank

4. Side Plank Leg Lift

5. Alternating Two-Point Plank

6. Hamstring Curl

7. Cat-Cow

To make things clear, you can’t lose any weight if you’re not watching what you’re eating. This 7 Workout can be resultless if you’re not following a weight loss diet along with it.