Category: Desserts


Peanut Buster Pizza

When I made this Peanut Buster Pizza for the first time, it surprised my husband and kids and particularly my mother as they never expected a “sweet pizza”. Now it’s a staple for my family whenever they want to have a unique and unusual dessert. Recipe and Photo: Foodista


Key Lime Bread Pudding

Stop eating boring bread pudding. This Key Lime Bread Pudding is a tart twist that is simple to make. And rather than French bread, I used donut holes to give it added sweetness. Recipe and Photo: Po Boy Livin Rich


Layered Finger Jello

When I was a kid, I remember always going straight for the jello if it was being served.  My favorite was layered jello that was firm enough to be held in your hand, not jello eaten from a bowl with a spoon.  My aunt was kind enough to give me the recipe she used since […]