Author: Lily in Kitchen


Dr Pepper Ribs

The caramel and spice flavors of this fizzy drink add a finger-lickin’ irresistibility to these sticky Dr Pepper Ribs! Recipe and Photo courtesy of:


Homemade Baby Ruth Candy Bars

Now you can make Baby Ruth at home – and let me tell you, this is hands-down the best candy bar I’ve ever made! It’s just. . . I can’t describe it. It’s soooo good. You’re just going to have to try it yourself. Recipe and Photo courtesy of:


Copycat KFC Original Fried Chicken

Have you ever craved that Kentucky-fried taste, but just can’t get behind the fast food scene? This recipe for Copycat KFC Original Fried Chicken will definitely have the whole family enjoying take out food from inside the home. Pass the mashed potatoes, and read on! Recipe and Photo courtesy of:


Homemade Laffy Taffy

Sticky, chewy, salty, and sweet; all can be used to describe this Homemade Laffy Taffy. Little pieces of chewy delight individually wrapped in wax paper. Recipe and Photo courtesy of: 


Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken

I love the savory chicken pieces with the crunchy cashews. PLUS it is super easy to make! You can have this ready and in the crock pot faster than you can get your kids in the car and drive to the nearest Chinese place for take-out. Photo: Cooking ala Mel