Author: Lily in Kitchen


Plum Crazy Purple Smoothie

To celebrate my spring fever I made my newest favorite smoothie. I already had it 3 times this week. It’s so refreshing!! I call it my feel good drink! However, I don’t know what I like more about the smoothie, the taste or the color? Photo: ds4832


Fresh Strawberry Tarts

It’s easier than you think: The tart shells are made with an inverted muffin pan. Pie crust rounds are draped over the inverted cups and baked. Then, just fill and enjoy! Recipe and Photo Courtesy of


Double Caramel Brownies

These Double Caramel Brownies start with a simple, one bowl brownie recipe…then after they are baked, chocolate covered caramels are pressed into the hot brownies. Cream cheese icing infused with caramel completes this dessert. Recipe and Photo: The Three Little Piglets


Brown Sugar Pound Cake

This brown sugar caramel pound cake is incredible!!  It’s fluffy and moist as heck!  Full of buttery, vanilla, caramel flavors… epic I tell ya! This recipe makes two 8×4 cakes. If you only want one, just halve both parts of the recipe. Recipe and Photo: Dana Treat